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Songs and film in memory of Dominic Ciavonne Ziegler, 1988-2012

Website released by Shatter Your Leaves Records, March 2015

Cassette released by Hope For The Tape Deck, March 2015

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"…. not so much a familiar sound… but an original one that helps your memory stir and bring you back to the years before… That calm serene vocal echo … Atmospheric structures like buildings encapsulating imagination from the past… Or distant singing of a familiar melody that you can’t put your finger on, but it’s the window of time that it brings you to that’s most important. Listen. Witness… " – Tiny Mix Tapes

".... expertly played with a small ensemble combining the emotional heft and instrumental lyricism of Nico Muhly's vanguard-leading neo-classical and the knotty avant-pop of Nat Baldwin or Liam Singer, Horvitz turns tragedy into an engrossing treatise on loss that feels universal and acutely personal..." – TOME TO THE WEATHER MACHINE (Named 6th best recording of 2015)

Films by Jessica Sledge and Richard Hunter-Rivera
Music by Asa Horvitz
Performances by Eliza McKelway, Asa Horvitz, Ben Seretan, Trevor Wilson, and Bryan West
Produced by Asa Horvitz, JJ Beck, and Bryan West
Funded in part by a grant from Rudolf Steiner Social Finance